13 November 2011



Interrelated systems that includes tourist and the associated services that are provided and utilized (facilities, attractions, transportation, & accommodation) to aid in their movement.
Smith 1990


A person traveling for pleasure for a period of at least one night but not more than one year for international tourist and six months for persons traveling in their countries with the main purpose of the visit being other than to engage in activities for remuneration in the place visited.
Thompson 1995

Types of social impact

  • the number of tourist
  • the type of tourist
  • the stage of tourist development
  • the differential in economic development between tourist-generating and tourist-receiving zones
  • the physical size of the area, which affects the densities of the tourist population
  • the attitudes of governmental bodies.
  • the original strength artistic of the traditions
  • the marketing of tourist destination and the images that are created of that destination
  • the beliefs of host communities, and the strength of those beliefs.
  • the accessibility to the tourist destination
Ryan (1991:164)


There are several social impact on tourism that use as indicator. In my opinion, the impact will differentiate by the place itself. So there some different kind of tourism make the social impact more challenging base on the hospitality provided with the different type of tourist.

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