Interrelated systems that includes tourist and the associated services that are provided and utilized (facilities, attractions, transportation, & accommodation) to aid in their movement.
Smith 1990


A person traveling for pleasure for a period of at least one night but not more than one year for international tourist and six months for persons traveling in their countries with the main purpose of the visit being other than to engage in activities for remuneration in the place visited.
Thompson 1995

Types of social impact
  • the number of tourist
  • the type of tourist
  • the stage of tourist development
  • the differential in economic development between tourist-generating and tourist-receiving zones
  • the physical size of the area, which affects the densities of the tourist population
  • the attitudes of governmental bodies.
  • the original strength artistic of the traditions
  • the marketing of tourist destination and the images that are created of that destination
  • the beliefs of host communities, and the strength of those beliefs.
  • the accessibility to the tourist destination
Ryan (1991:164)

There are several social impact on tourism that use as indicator. In my opinion, the impact will differentiate by the place itself. So there some different kind of tourism make the social impact more challenging base on the hospitality provided with the different type of tourist. 


  • Traveling to relatively undisturbed or uncontaminated natural areas with the specific objective of studying, admiring and enjoying the scenery and its wild plants and animals as well as any existing cultural manifestations found in these areas.
  • A nature tourism in which the traveler drawn to a destination because of his or her interest in one or more features of that destination’s natural history. The visit combines education, recreation and often adventures.
  • Eco-tourism use natural resources in a wild or undeveloped form including species, habitat, landscape, scenery and salt and fresh-water features.
A marine park is one of the eco-tourism products that close to nature. In order to close to nature, there have some problems occur to the environment itself. There are several issue and problem that need to be facing by us.

Overcrowding and lack of awareness among visitors

The number of tourist play important role into the ecosystems industry and eco-tourism development. The problems occur when the number of visitor is greater than environment capacity and ability to carry the capacity of visitor in one time.

Uncontrolled mass tourism in Sipadan Island is one of the good examples. The conservation of this island not managed properly and it will effects on the natural ecosystems and give negative effects on environment. Many problems occur when there was low awareness to the nature among the tourist, coastal communities, hotel/resorts operator tour guides and many people make the regulation easy to break by others.

The similar situations occur in Terengganu that popular with turtle nesting that mainly caused by overcrowding visitors at the beach area and coastal development activities. Then the fish feeding activities actually disturbed the natural feeding pattern and maybe will cause the unbalanced natural systems with the type of food introduced. The fish behavior also will change it a little bit cause changes in ecosystem because we actually disturbed the nature law.

Environmental degradation 

Synonym with the tourism development, there was a hotel and chalet was built up to facilitate the visitors. It is one of the developments that prevent us from feels the nature. So, we can see the example in Tioman Island, there were resort was located near the beach that prevents the public to feel the nature. There was specialized to the people who stay in that resort in order makes the boundary between the visitors. The resort development also make the exploitation to the nature with the area have been clear to build up new home to the visitors. It actually disturbed the nature systems and give impacts on environment. We must see the long term effects to our nature, so we can play role to conserved it with high education on protecting our nature with conserve the environment with we all feel that nature and we deserved to get it. So, in order to feels the nature the awareness is a big task to carry in any conditions.