Experience on the road with the traffic
Holiday is the best moment for me especially return to my home in Pahang. But the bad things during going back to home is the traffic congestion. Last holiday for a week to celebrate Eidul Adha, I'm quite dissapointed because of the traffic jam. Can you imagine that for enter the Penang Bridge from the Sungai Nibong Terminal take an hours. During that time I'm on my way to transit at Butterworth and my bus there 10pm. I take the other bus to the Buttorworth and depart to there at 9.00 pm, but just arrived there at 10.15pm. I'm lucky because my bus not leave me but in that condition might happen when the express bus do not want to wait.
Then again I stuck at Bentong-Karak highways. Even though there were congestion, but the traffic still move even slow. Finally I arrived at Kuantan about 8.30 am from before this about 6.00 am. This problem  happen every years, every festival holidays actually give the uncomfortable to the road users.

During that time I realized that there so.........many vehicles in Malaysia.

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 this picture show the vehicles queue to move out from Penang Island