17 December 2011


Local culture can be conclude that it about our history, our true ethnic tradition which now been forgotten by us. So, by ecotourism we can make the traditional culture alive base on the activities provided for the tourist. Some of the tourist more to the traditional and local culture of the residents in some places where cannot be found in other places.

Actually local culture is unique tradition that form in our lives with our own symbolic. Sometimes, ecotourism look like give benefits to local people, but sometimes it take benefit from local people. As we can see when visitors come and join the activities there, what the benefits that local people can get from this? If the local people manage all the activities there, maybe it can give benefits for them. Travel agency is also play important role for this. When the other agency take an advantages by manage all the activities and the they will have bigger profits from the local culture and what about the local people?

Why not the tourism agency is given to the local people to manage the activities at their place so that it will help them to increase their income and can provided job opportunities to others and help their community people. This can be done if there have encourage from the government to local people attend the workshop to sharpen their skill and provide knowledge in this sector. So, this can help local people from being exploited by other people to make benefits from the other people.



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